Henry Kraemer

Voting Information Coordinator and Writer

Henry Kraemer is an organizer, activist, & writer based in Portland, Oregon. He spent the last decade as a voting rights advocate, leading voter registration drives across the country and spearheading efforts to launch America’s first automatic voter registration program in Oregon and then spread it across the country.

Robin Herrera


Robin Herrera is the Senior Editor at Oni Press. She also writes books for children and young adults, and participates in marches and protests when able. Her earliest political memory is of trying to convince her mom to vote for Ross Perot for President (she thought his name was cool). Now she actually researches candidates.

Chris Schweizer

Logo Designer

Chris Schweizer drew out the DRAW OUT THE VOTE logo. He writes and draws graphic novels (usually history stories or spooky stories), and works as both a writer and as an artist on franchise titles like DISNEY’S PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN and MARS ATTACKS. He lives in rural Kentucky, in a county where the dichotomy between labor union loyalty and social conservatism means that every election is a coin toss.

Jason Alderman

Website Developer

Jason Alderman is an experience designer / developer who gets hyperbolically excited about museums, AI, infrastructure, and democracy.

Richard Stevens

Website Designer

Richard Stevens (AKA @rstevens) designed the DRAW OUT THE VOTE website. He draws a webcomic called Diesel Sweeties and is still a vice president in the Joe Biden Fan Club.